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Advantages of Local Search

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Advantages of Local Search

Local search engine marketing is like global search engine marketing in that it involves the optimization of a site or a page in the search results pages of a search engine frequently referred to as the “paid results” or “free results”. In this article we will discuss the differences between local and global search marketing. There are many more differences but this will get us started on the topic of SEO. The next article in this series will focus on the actual implementation of the various techniques.

Global Search Engine Marketing is what most companies and individuals think of when they hear the term SEO (search engine optimization). When a searcher types in a phrase such as “my local business” the program searches the Web to find relevant websites. If the searcher is directed to one or more local businesses the searcher is said to have searched for that local business in the search results. For example, if someone searching for “my local business in Tampa” is directed to a Tampa business website, that searcher is said to have searched Tampa for that specific term. This form of Local SEO is favored by businesses because it targets a smaller group of searchers than Global SEO does.

Since the majority of folks using the internet do not use the particular terms that are associated with your company’s product or service your company is trying to market you need to target a much larger audience. Therefore you need to research and analyze how best to utilize the power of local keywords rank in Google and other search engines. You can accomplish this task with the aid of an online keyword research tool.

Local map pack rankings are what most experts believe to be one of the most important aspects of Local SEO. Local map pack rankings are the standing of a site on the search results pages of Google, Yahoo, and MSN when an individual types in a local search query. For example, if you were searching for a Tampa based physician then it would be beneficial for you to rank on the first page of Google because this physician would likely be a potential client.

Another aspect of Local SEO is local listing. In order to achieve the greatest amount of traffic for any given web presence you must have a presence in your local area. Local listings are another way to gain exposure on the internet for your local business. Local listings are what gives local businesses the greatest amount of leverage when attempting to achieve a good ranking among the major search engines.

The next component of Local SEO is mobile search and the integration of mobile services. Mobile search is becoming an increasingly important element of the overall Local SEO strategy for local businesses. Mobile users are increasing exponentially and an off-site optimization strategy for mobile search will be in constant need of attention for local businesses. Therefore, a good understanding of mobile Search and its importance to both small and large businesses is paramount to success.

Another great way to utilize the power of Local SEO is to utilize on-site and off-site factors that contribute to your search results rankings. For example, many local SEO services will list their clients website on Google Maps. Google uses this tool to provide searchers with local information. If your business has its own Google map then you are sure to have higher rankings than those companies who do not have this tool on their site. Local SEO strategies will take more time to focus on building Google Map rankings but it will pay off in the long run.

Google offers a great number of ways to help you with your local SEO strategy. This includes, but is not limited to, on-site analysis, link building, and paid advertising. Local SEO can be quite complex and so if you are experiencing difficulties in accomplishing some of your goals with Google Local SEO it is best to hire a professional SEO company who can handle these efforts for you. Many SEO companies offer a range of different services that can help your business optimize its search results and bring it up in the ranks of Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. While local search is a crucial part of any Internet marketing campaign, having Google Local SEO can bring your business to the top of the search results page and help increase your company’s revenue.